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[Traditional Thai massage TTMA style]


A course to learn hands-on traditional Thai massage. It is a technique to approach the client using elbows and knees instead of using only hands and fingers. It also contains more acrobatic stretches than the Bangkok or Chiang Mai styles. The TTMA style is characterized by stronger compression and greater stretching, and is a traditional Thai massage style that is most recommended as a practical style for salons because it is easy to achieve results. It is a traditional Thai massage that I would like you to learn as an advanced technique for those who have experienced traditional Thai massage. I think that even inexperienced people who are starting from now on can do it if they are confident in their motor nerves.

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  ◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Course time: 30 hours (10 credits)
◇ Tuition fee: 198,000 yen (including textbook and teaching materials)
◇When using TTMA tickets: 60 tickets

It is a practical Thai traditional massage that can be used at the salon. "Bangkok style" and "Chiang Mai style", which are said to be the standard styles of Thai traditional massage, are treated as so-called "basic level" in the professional world.

"TTMA style" includes more graceful and acrobatic stretching techniques than these, and hard power presses are added to accurately capture the client's stiffness and improve it. It is exactly the style that the traditional Thai technique for professionals is condensed.

A style that takes more than 120 minutes, including a strong approach using elbows and knees and a variety of stretching techniques, is a style that mixes the good points of "Bangkok style" and "Chiang Mai style", and has yoga elements. Cool style packed in. It is a style practiced by professionals who catch the hearts of repeat customers because it can relax the physical condition of the client. At the salon, bold stretching techniques are desired, but it includes acrobatic stretching that is more spectacular than the “Chiang Mai style” that is said to be yoga.

Elbow presses and knee presses are great ways to approach tight knots. The TTMA style includes a large amount of stretching while using elbows and knees. It is also effective for the level of stiffness that cannot be loosened with the thumb or palm no matter how long it takes. The therapist himself does not hurt his hands and fingers and cannot work, and it also includes techniques that are said to be essential for a full-fledged Thai therapist at a professional level. Therefore, it is desirable to take this course after taking the "elbow press", "knee press", and "power press". Please take this course together if possible.

"TTMA Style" is recommended for salon sites that need to produce results in a limited amount of time. If you compare it with "Bangkok style" or "Chiang Mai style", you can provide a refreshing feeling in about half the time if you have the same effect.

"TTMA style" is a style compiled as a technique that professionals can use in practice. It is a style assembled in response to the voice that it is difficult to loosen the stiffness only by approaching Sen. In addition, it is also considered for Thai massage freaks who expect stretching, and it can be said that it is a style that combines bold and beautiful stretching with powerful pressure to relieve stiffness. The extensive content of this course will satisfy a regular customer.

Please take this course together if possible.

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Power Press Body Care Freestyle Technique Practice Edition

  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 01
[Supine position (back) legs]
1credits 3hours
2 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 02
[Supine position (back) legs]
1credits 3hours
3 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 03
[Supine position (back) arm]
1credits 3hours
4 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 04
[Prone position (face down)]
1credits 3hours
5 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 05
[Prone position (face down)]
1credits 3hours
6 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 06
[Supine position (back) 2nd time]
1credits 3hours
7 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 07
[Sitting position (sitting posture)]
1credits 3hours
8 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 08
[Summary and confirmation]
1credits 3hours
9 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 09
[Summary and confirmation]

1credits 3hours
10 Traditional Thai massage advanced edition TTMA style 10
[Summary and confirmation]
1credits 3hours
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