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[Pha khao ma Stretch & massage]


PHA KHAO MA is a checkered cotton cloth from Thailand. PHA KHAO MA Stretch & Massage is a massage and stretching using this Parkaomer.

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  ◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Course time: 3 hours (1 credit)
◇ Tuition fee: 19800 yen
◇When using TTMA tickets: 6 tickets

PHA KHAO MA is a checkered cotton cloth from Thailand. It is a traditional cloth that has been used for agricultural work in the Isan region of Thailand. It is said that it was originally used by men in the Isan region when bathing, but it is also used as a daily necessities such as a hand towel and a sunshade. Traditionally, PHA KHAO MA has been used for many purposes, such as swaddling a baby, using it as a hammock for a lazy afternoon, wiping wet bodies, wrapping a turban around the head, as a warmer, or hanging trousers. what came. Linda Charoenlab, designer of apparel brand Lalalove, recently made international headlines with her traditional checkered farmhouse all-purpose fabric, which until then was considered tacky. This collection uses vivid colors and PHA KHAO MA's unique plaid pattern, and proposes its use in various situations such as tablecloths and eco-bags. PHA KHAO MA Stretch & Massage is to massage and stretch using this PHA KHAO MA.

  Course content number of credits Course time
1 PHA KHAO MA Stretch & Massage 1credits 3hours
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