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  Healing is an ancient therapy that has been around for thousands of years. It's only been 100 years since the modern era that these have been treated as dubious. Healing exists all over the world. Can you say that imitations have been around for thousands of years all over the world? Also, recently, this healing has been scientifically proven. The effects of meditation and prayer have been elucidated by methods of physics such as quantum mechanics. The basics of both remote healing and channeling of others are the same: focus. Healing does not require pressure or touch like massage, so anyone can do it if they get the hang of it. Learning as a healer begins with your own self-healing. In order to work as a healer, you must first face yourself and purify yourself to improve your accuracy. Therefore, we have prepared several programs. That is the "SPIRITUAL HEALER COURSE".  
  ★ Full support until you can do it!  
  ★ With support even after graduation when you are in trouble!  
  ★It costs 580,000 yen instead of 836,700 yen if you take the classes separately.  
  ★ You can learn at a real 31% OFF.  
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  ◇Course period: Up to 6 months
◇ Minimum required hours: 159 hours (65 credits)
◇Maximum class time: unlimited within the period
◇ Admission fee: 20000 yen
◇ Tuition fee: 580000 yen
◇ Total payment amount: 600000 yen
◇Payment method: bank transfer/credit card/TTMA scholarship available
◇This is 256,700 yen cheaper than taking specialized subjects separately!
◇ TTMA therapist members can participate in the review for free even after graduation.
◇ The tuition fee includes the cost of textbooks and teaching materials.
◇Demonstration can be filmed freely.
◇ All prices shown include consumption tax.

Traditional medicine treatments are all energy work. Forms alone are meaningless and do not produce much results. That's why it was only taught to a limited number of people, and if you do it with a careless feeling, you will give negative energy to the other person. Learning as a healer is both 1 and 2 purifying yourself. If you can't purify it, you'll be looking at the other person wearing sunglasses, and you won't be able to see them properly.

Learning as a healer begins with your own self-healing. In order to work as a healer, you must first face yourself and purify yourself to improve your accuracy. Therefore, we have prepared several programs. Ideally, the “Self-Healing Meditation Stay Program” should be completed over two days and one night.

In the lessons, we will learn "Singing Bowl Meditation", "Chakra stone healing", "Energy line tuning fork sound healing", "Crystal bed purification", and "Philippine Traditional Healing Hilot Spiritual Work". As a healer, "Prana Experience Work & Self-knowledge Work & Hado Water Practice", "Forest Blending Meditation & Tibetan Vajra Meditation", "Sauna & Spiritual Sakaki Banya", "Fire Samata Meditation & Classical Chinese Fire Technique", "Singing Bowl Please also experience Meditation & Pendulum Dowsing Practice Work.

In the intermediate level as a healer, you will learn "Reiki Healing/Hands-on Healing" and be able to heal others. The contents are meditation and work to confirm the existence of Ki, work to read the difference in Ki, work to create Ki balls and change the taste of water, remote healing work to send Chi from the back, work to reduce stiffness without touching, kinesiology It's a work to see the reaction of mind. Through "Blind World Experience Retreat", "Wordless world experience retreat", "Near-death experience retreat in a casket", and "Night forest experience retreat", we will also work to raise sensitivity.

In the advanced course, you will learn "Basic practice of channeling" and "Basic practice of distance healing" and gain experience in "Basic practice of distance healing".

In this course, you can get the "Grade H qualification" which is proof as a healer by recommendation. When working as a healer, TTMA will back you up.

  ◆What's included (Click the image to see details.)
  ◆Curriculum details
  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Energy line tuning fork sound healing 1credits 3hours
2 Singing Bowl Meditation 1credits 3hours
3 Chakra stone healing 1credits 3hours
4 Crystal bed purification 1credits 3hours
5 Philippine Traditional Therapy Hilot Spiritual Work 1credits 3hours
6 Self healing meditation program 4credits 12hours
7 Healer Experience: Prana Experience Work & Self-knowledge Work & Hado Water Practice 1credits 3hours
8 Healer Experience: Forest Meditation with Vajra Pestle 1credits 3hours
9 Healer Experience: Sauna & Spiritual Sakaki Banya 1credits 3hours
10 Healer Experience: Fire Samata Meditation & Classical Chinese Flame Technique 1credits 3hours
11 Healer Experience: Singing Bowl Meditation & Pendulum Dowsing Practice Work 1credits 3hours
12 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing: Meditation and Ki Presence Work 1credits 3hours
13 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Work to Read Differences in Mind 1credits 3hours
14 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Kidama Making and Work to Change the Taste of Water 1credits 3hours
15 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Distant Healing Work Sending Qi from the Back 1credits 3hours
16 Reiki healing Hands-on healing A work that reduces stiffness without touching 1credits 3hours
17 Reiki Healing Hands-on Healing Kinesiology 1credits 3hours
18 Basic practice of channeling 2credits 6hours
19 Basic practice of distance healing 2credits 6hours
20 A work that sharpens the senses through a blind world 4credits 12hours
21 Communication work in a world without words 4credits 12hours
22 A near-death experience in a coffin. A work that tries to become a corpse 2credits 6hours
23 Work to experience the night forest alone 2credits 6hours
24 Practical intern Healer training 10credits 30hours
25 TTMA Grade H recommendation test and commentary 1credits 3hours
  ★Even if you use the TTMA scholarship system, the total tuition payment will not change.
There is no installment interest charge.
Please check this out for details.
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