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トップ ダブルヨガマッサージ 無料体験 コースレッスン カリキュラム 施設 アクセスマップ 私たちについて お問い合わせ
  Realize the fastest independent opening and freelance.
TTMA business start package
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  ◇ Course period: 2 weeks to 1 month (maximum period of 3 months or less)
◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Course time: 90 hours (30 credits)
◇Course fee: 780,000 yen (textbook and teaching materials)
◇Payment method: bank transfer/credit card/
◇ 886,200 yen if you take specialized subjects separately. Save 106,200 Yen!
◇Demonstration can be filmed freely.
◇ All prices shown include consumption tax.

For those who want to start a massage business as soon as possible, this is a course that collects only profitable massage therapies that are currently in high demand. This is a course package to quickly learn Thai traditional medicine massage and start independent practice and freelance. The curriculum is designed for complete beginners and inexperienced people, so even those who are not confident can take the course with confidence.

※Since you can stay for free in the facilities of the Shivaka School of Traditional Medicine, there is no hotel charge. Lessons will be held during the stay period of 2 weeks to 1 month at the shortest.

*This "TTMA business package" is included in the short-term intensive training course. Since it is different from the general course, it is not subject to the TTMA installment payment scholarship system. Payment can be made in a lump sum by bank transfer or in installments by credit card payment. Please note that you will not be able to participate in make-up classes under the permanent enrollment system.

*Regarding the course schedule, please contact us as soon as possible as it will be necessary to adjust the instructor's schedule. You can adjust the course schedule as much as possible according to your wishes.


  ◆ What is included (Click the image to see details.)
ボディケアタイスタイル ハーブボールマッサージ 解剖学・運動学 フットバスとカウンセリング手法
トークセン パワープレスボディケアフリースタイル パワープレスボディケアフリースタイル タイ古式マッサージTTMAスタイル
チネイザン ヨクトーン ジャップカサイ サロンオペレーション
  ◆Curriculum details
  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Foot bath and counseling techniques 1credits 3hours
2 Salon Operation: The ABCs of Customer Psychology and Customer Service 1credits 3hours
3 Salon operation: customer service role-playing according to the situation 1credits 3hours
4 herbal ball massage technique 2credits 6hours
5 Tok sen 1credits 3hours
6 Body care How to use your hands, direction of pressure, how to use your body, 1credits 3hours
7 Body care Practical techniques for loosening stiffness 1credits 3hours
8 Anatomy (skeleton and muscles) 1credits 3hours
9 Kinesiology (posture and muscles) 1credits 3hours
10 Elbow press technique 2credits 6hours
11 Knee press technique 2credits 6hours
12 Traditional Thai Massage Advanced Edition TTMA Style 10credits 30hours
13 Chi nei thang Technique 1credits 3hours
14 Thai Traditional Mystery Jap Kasai Technique 2credits 6hours
15 Thai Traditional Mystery Yok Thong Technique 2credits


16 TTMA Grade T recommendation qualification test 1credits 3hours
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