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  Learn skills specialized in improving reproductive function at Japkasai Yokthong. With business member support!
Ayurvedic Reproductive Improvement Method
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◇ Course period: 2 weeks to 1 month (maximum period of 6 months or less)
◇ Entrance fee: 0 yen
◇ Attendance hours: 105 hours (35 credits)
◇ Tuition fee: 1200000 yen (textbook, teaching materials fee, T-level qualification acquisition)
◇Payment method: bank transfer/credit card/
◇We recommend this plan, which saves you 227,700 yen instead of 1,412,700 yen if you take specialized subjects separately!
◇Demonstration can be filmed freely.
◇ All prices shown include consumption tax.


It is a curriculum that is structured so that you can learn traditional medicine massage skills from inexperienced, understand the basics of customer service, and immediately practice as a salon therapist. First of all, we will learn the basics of touching the body with "body care". You will learn how to move the center of gravity, how to use your hands, how to find muscle stiffness, and so on, and master what so-called "relaxation" is. Next is "Herb Ball Massage". This is a traditional medicine massage skill that not only relaxes the muscles, but also provides a warm feeling like taking a bath. . "Chi Nei Tsang" is a technique that uses the appearance of poor physical condition in the stomach to read the physical condition and adjust the areas of stagnant energy. It is characterized by the fact that it becomes lighter and warmer. Testicle massage "Jap Kasai" is a massage skill of traditional medicine for low back pain and decline of male function. Recently, it has become well known to the general public, but at the same time, there are many imitations. Japkasai was introduced to Japan as the original by the TTMA group, but please be aware that there are an increasing number of disgusting and funny treatments. And in a derivative form of Japkasai, there is also a style "Herb & Cream Japkasai" that uses herb balls and cream. And "Yokthong". This is an approach to the uterus and ovaries for women, but it is done over clothes and is effective for anti-aging effects and balancing female hormones. Of course, you will also learn "Herb & Cream Yokthong". Then there is “Yufai,” which is representative of women's postpartum care. Here, you will learn the skill of using a salt pot to expel toxins and warm your abdomen. Of course, it is OK to go to men. In order to deepen your understanding comprehensively, please understand not only massage skills but also "anatomical kinematics". In ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda, the characteristics and tendencies of the body are classified into several types, and according to the physical condition and symptoms, the oil is selected, and the speed, strength, and rhythm of the strokes are adjusted. However, in "Ayurveda Dosha Theory and Diagnosis", please start by understanding your own characteristics. And finally, at "Ayurveda Abhyanga", learn body oil treatment according to type. This is the basic of the basics, but even if you have experience with aroma massage, you can get better results if you respond according to the type. Next, learn "Ayurveda Shirodhara". Speaking of Ayurveda, this is it! This technique, also known as Noh massage, is difficult to describe in words, but it is quite refreshing, and many people feel like they have been transported to another dimension. "Ayurveda Kati Basti" is a technique to collect warm oil in the affected area and have it relaxed. In "Ayurvedic Netra Basti", we ask you to collect oil in your eyes. I often hear that it's scary, but once you take it, you'll be addicted to it. And from here, you'll learn some pretty novel skills. In the Ayurvedic Dhara Body Treatment, oil is dripped onto the genitals for several minutes. The Ayurvedic Basti Body Treatment involves applying warm oil to the genitals for several minutes to balance energy. There are quite a few people who experience sexual arousal, but there is no doubt that those who experience problems with their reproductive function can feel the effects. Finally, we will learn the basics of salon work in "Salon Operation" so that you can start working independently as a therapist. With a comprehensive understanding, we have acquired a T-class qualification, and while receiving support from TTMA, we have compiled a specialized curriculum so that you can start your business immediately.

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ハーブボールマッサージ チネイザン ジャップカサイ
フットバスとカウンセリング手法 サロンオペレーション  
  Course content number of credits Course time
1 Body care How to use your hands, direction of pressure, how to use your body, 1credits 3hours
2 Body care How to find and understand stiffness, 1credits 3hours

Body care Practical techniques for loosening stiffness

2credits 6hours
4 herbal ball massage technique 2credits 6hours
5 Chi Nei Thang 2credits 6hours
6 Testicle massage Japkasai 4credits


7 Herbs & Cream Jap Kasai Practice Edition 2credits


8 Uterine ovary massage Yok Thong 4credits 12hours
9 Herbs & Cream Yok Thong Practice Edition 2credits 6hours
10 Yu fai Salt pot treatment method 1credits 3hours
11 Anatomy (skeleton and muscles) 1credits 3hours
12 Kinesiology (posture and muscles) 1credits 3hours
13 Ayurvedic Dosha theory and diagnosis 1credits 3hours
14 Ayurveda Shirodara 1credits 3hours
15 Ayurveda Katibasti 1credits 3hours
16 Ayurveda Netra Basti 1credits 3hours
17 Ayurveda Abhyanga Dosha separate treatment method 2credits 6hours
18 Ayurvedic Dara Treatment 1credits 3hours
19 Ayurvedic Basti Treatment 1credits 3hours
20 Foot bath and counseling techniques 1credits 3hours
21 Salon Operation: The ABCs of Customer Psychology and Customer Service 1credits 3hours
22 Salon operation: customer service role-playing according to the situation 1credits 3hours
23 TTMA Grade T recommendation qualification test 1credits 3hours
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